Citylink say “withdrawn” buses still in service


Scottish Citylink this week said they were “in the process” of removing and refurbishing three buses from the Skye-Glasgow route — a month after their managing director said the vehicles had already been taken out of service.

With yet another complaint surfacing about the service, specifically about a lack of heating on a journey to Glasgow on 16th January, the company said this week they continued to “monitor the situation closely” with regard to the performance of the contractor, Stagecoach West Scotland.

A spokeswoman added: “There were a couple of occasions last month in which the heating system on one of our vehicles does not appear to have worked correctly and we are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused our customers. As promised, we are in the process of removing three vehicles from service to be refurbished which will address this issue.”

However, on 22nd January — the day David Thompson MSP met Scottish Citylink managing director Liz Esnouf to discuss the route — a statement put out by the company asserted: “During the positive meeting, Ms Esnouf outlined a series of measures which are already being taken by Scottish Citylink to make improvements for customers using the route. These include refurbishment of three vehicles which have been taken out of service and temporarily replaced by vehicles.”

According to Ms Esnouf, the refurbished vehicles were due to be reintroduced in the middle of March. She is due to meet with Mr Thompson again in April to discuss the service.

As we went to press, the spokeswoman for the company said buses were being refurbished “in stages” as they only had two buses to act as replacements.