No investigation following swine flu death on Skye

NHS Highland have said there will be no investigation after a Skye man died from the swine flu virus last week.

Dunvegan campsite owner Colin Campbell died last Monday (3rd February) having contracted the H1N1 virus. He had initially been hospitalised in Portree, but as his condition deteriorated he was transferred firstly to hospital in Broadford and then to Glasgow’s Victoria Infirmary where he died.

Ken Oates, consultant in public health for NHS Highland, said: “We can confirm that there has been a death but will be issuing no further information on this case.

“Across the whole of Scotland there has been a very low incidence of flu cases in Scotland this winter.

“The H1N1 virus, so-called swine flu, is just one of the routine winter flu strains that circulate every winter now. It causes the same type of symptoms and illness as any other strain of flu. In rare circumstances someone who catches flu can become severely ill and tragically can even occasionally die from the complications of flu infection.

“However, many people will have natural immunity from exposure to the H1N1 flu virus during the pandemic in 2009/10. H1N1 is also one of the strains in this year’s flu vaccine so flu vaccination will give some protection.

“We would therefore encourage anyone in a high-risk group who has not received flu vaccination this winter to contact their GP and be vaccinated now.”