Lochalsh Leisure Centre rolls out new fitness programme

A new fitness and wellbeing programme aimed at the over-50s is being rolled out by Lochalsh Leisure Centre in Kyle.

The “youtime” scheme — in conjunction with Highlife Highland — aims to provide a range of activities to improve health and keep the mind active.

All of the activities are intended to be fun-filled and suitable for adults, regardless of fitness levels, and they aim to be interesting, stimulating and challenging both physically and mentally.
Lochalsh Leisure Centre manager Chris MacKinnon said the “youtime” sessions could be tailored to meet the needs of individuals and would suit all abilities.

“We are looking at a range of activities — and they wouldn’t all have to be in the centre here,” he said. “It might be that we look to hire a local hall to provide classes.
“The emphasis is on exercise for older people, and those who would perhaps not normally come to a leisure centre. Our instructors have taken a range of courses which can suit various needs, and we can cater for everyone.”

Youtime sessions will cost from as little as 50p per session, and it is planned to start classes in the coming weeks.
For more information or to register an interest, contact Lochalsh Leisure Centre on 01599 534848.