Penguin jump nets charity cash

Penguins can’t fly — but they can swim and raise money for charity.

This one jumped off cliffs at Balmaqueen, north Skye, on New Year’s Day and has raised over £200 for Crossroads Care: Skye and Lochalsh.

The penguin — AKA 73-year-old David Hearn, chairman of Portree and Braes Community Council — wasn’t daunted by the prospect of jumping 30 feet into the icy cold water.

“I had a wetsuit on underneath my costume,” the former firefighter added. “So I wasn’t worried about the cold. But the last time I was in the water up here was years ago when I was diving for scallops and there were two killer whales about 30 metres away from me.”

Mr Hearn’s plunge was part of the “Loony Dook” event organised by Skye Adventure, a Portree-based company, that attracted over a dozen people.