Association could look again at two division competition

Preparations for the new Skye and Lochalsh football season are beginning to get underway.

The Skye and Lochalsh Amateur Football Association annual general meeting will be held in Portree on Monday 3rd February, and clubs are being asked to ensure that any formal proposals are submitted to secretary Heckie Cormack by 20th January.

At the tail-end of last season association member clubs debated the prospect of reintroducing a two-league format for this year. The idea had been mooted by some clubs, having seen in recent years a succession of one-sided games between those at the top and bottom of the current 11-team set-up. The plan might well be revisited for 2014, though a return to a two-league format could be dependent on maintaining or extending the number of teams currently involved. With doubts over the continued participation of Staffin — who struggled badly last year — it remains to be seen whether clubs would want to play in divisions made up of just five teams.

A two-division set-up would not be without precedent. Up until 2000 the West Highland League was run on a two-tier basis, with divisions usually made up of five or six teams.

Proposals should be sent to Heckie Cormack at