Eilidh makes it a treble in North District Championships

A talented island athlete proved once again that she is at the top of her field after winning the women’s race at the North  District Cross Country Champion­­ships last Saturday.

Eilidh MacKenzie (pictured above while competing at the 2011 Island Games in the Isle of Wight) from Lewis finished the 6.4-kilometre course in a time of just over 27 minutes, winning the race for the third time in four years.

It is particularly impressive considering the 24-year-old normally concentrates on track events, specialising in the 1500 metres.

It was also a good day for fellow Stornoway Running and Athletics Club member Connor MacLean who won the men’s under-20 section.

“It was quite a challenging course,” Eilidh MacKenzie said. “I’m very pleased with the win as, overall, I felt quite comfortable.

“After a tricky spell over the past couple of years I feel my training is beginning to fall into place again and things are going well.”

Although she represents SRAC, Eilidh is based in Edinburgh where she works as a French and German translator.

“It was just good to get a race on a Saturday,” she said. “I don’t normally do cross country, but it keeps me strong over the winter months. I won’t have another race now till after the New Year.”