“Cardboard copper” falls foul of the law in Breakish

Road safety campaigners in Breakish on Skye thought they had found a permanent ally in their quest to force drivers to slow down on this dangerous stretch of the A87.

Sourced from a firm in England by Peter Dunlop of Broadford printers Strath Print, a lifesize “cardboard copper”, complete with speed gun, was meant to stand ready by the side of the road as the ultimate deterrent. However, campaigners were advised by Portree police not to proceed, even with caution.


An arresting sight with Breakish road safety campaigners Morag Brown and Tom Stephens

“They thought it could cause accidents because people would slow down suddenly and also because some people did think it looked as if the policeman was pointing a gun at them,” said local campaigner Tom Stephens.

“I ordered two of them because I thought they might help with the ongoing campaign,” added Mr Dunlop. “I was told that someone wanted to have it in their garden if it can’t be put up by the roadside.”

Recently, Transport Scotland agreed to a series of road safety measures through Breakish, including a hardened verge suitable for walkers, buggies and mountain bikes. Although it is a 40mph zone, many drivers exceed that limit, and this stretch of the A87 has two blind summits and two narrow road bridges.

In recent weeks it emerged that officers in Fife had enlisted the help of such a cardboard cut-out policeman, in their own bid to deter speeding motorists.