Firm charge £11,998 for delivery to north Skye

We have all heard of extortionate delivery charges to the Highlands and Islands, but a charge of £11,998.80 to carry an order worth £19.99 to Skye makes the rest pale in comparison.

Musician Hector MacInnes was ordering liquid smoke for use at this Friday’s Blue Light Disco in Portree when he was presented with the astronomical charge by Maplin.

He said: “I didn’t check the delivery charges when I was placing the order and just clicked through to check-out when it came up that payment was not authorised, which I thought was a bit funny. Then I got an automated call from the bank asking if a £12,000 payment to Maplin was correct, which was when I realised something was up and clicked back to see the delivery charge applied.”

He contacted Maplin who said they would look into the issue but he has not heard back as yet. In the meantime he made a purchase elsewhere.

Mr MacInnes added: “While this is a comedy mistake, high delivery charges to rural areas are an issue. I was ordering promotional baseball caps online yesterday which won’t weigh more than a kilo and they phoned back wanting an extra £21 for delivery. There is no way it would cost that to post them so clearly people are creaming extra off the top.”