Council demand answers over Ledgowan access

Highland Council have written to Ledgowan Estate over their continued efforts to block public access to the estate.

A spokesperson for the local authority told the Free Press that a letter requesting a meeting between the council and estate was sent last week.

They added that more complaints had been received from members of the public regarding non-compliance of access laws by the Achnasheen estate.

The move by the council follows a long-running issue with the estate, which had previously padlocked gates and barricaded right of ways in an attempt to deter members of the public.

In October Dr Kenneth Brown was walking on the estate with his wife when they were accosted by Richard Simpson, whose father owns Ledgowan and who demanded to know what they were doing “walking on his hill”.

Speaking after the incident, Dr Kenneth Brown, who had been walking with his wife, said: “While access was not blocked this was a pretty vicious response. We have a statutory right to be there and were treated in a brutal way. He was arrogant and offensive.”

In addition, estate employees have previously been accused of threatening people walking on Ledgowan.