Householders hit with £1,500 bill to repair Plockton road

Households on Station Road in Plockton have been billed almost £1,500 each by Highland Council to repair the road.

As reported in the Free Press, the council have only recently ascertained that they own the road, along which they built eight houses in the early 1970s. Now that five of the houses are owner-occupied, the council are billing all local users for resurfacing work at a total cost of £17,000.

To do so they have allocated 23 shares to households and businesses — two households are to pay £1,478 each, three will pay £739, First Scotrail £5,912, local businessman Calum Mackenzie £2,217 and the council themselves £3,695.

"Streets paved with gold? Must be down the other end, mate...."

“Streets paved with gold? Must be down the other end, mate….”

Assistant housing manager Jim Holden said that properties numbered 5,6,7 and 8 Station Road “being further from the junction with the main road use the road proportionately more” than numbers 1-4, so have been charged double.

Mrs Linda Inglis, who lives in number four, says she doubted whether they would pay their £739 share as residents had been repairing the road themselves for years anyway.

“I have been speaking to others and we are all going to do the same thing, because that’s the right thing to do,” she said. “We would pay if this was reasonable but it is not reasonable.”

Community Council chairman Charlie MacRae said it was “crazy” that one house could be charged double the amount their neighbours were being asked to pay.

He added: “We are very disappointed with this. If the residents pay for this now they will have to pay again in the future the next time the road needs repaired because the council won’t adopt it.

“If Scotrail were to pay £10,000 then that would only leave £7,000 for the council to pay. That would be a much better solution.”

Mr MacRae said that Scotrail would consider paying more, based on an email exchange he had had with one of their managers.

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