Co-op leftovers put to good use at Skye Serpentarium

Animals at the Skye Serpentarium are benefiting from a new donation scheme organised by the local Co-op store, with food that would otherwise be wasted going to the reptile centre.

The Co-op in Broadford is donating fruit, vegetables and salad which is beyond its ‘use by’ date to the serpentarium, helping to feed dozens of animals including iguanas, lizards, tortoises and giant snails.

Broadford store manager Marjory Fraser said: “The Skye Serpentarium does such a great job looking after the animals in their care, and as a community retailer we’re really pleased to be able to help them in such a practical way. We donate food that is beyond it’s ‘use by’ date, so it can’t be sold or even given away for human consumption, but it’s still okay for the animals.”

The owners of the serpentarium, Catherine and Alex Shearer, collect food from the Co-op several times each week. Among the favourite items on the animals’ menu are apples, pears, grapes, cucumbers, salad leaves and green vegetables.

Mrs Shearer said: “We rely on donations, sponsorship and people’s goodwill to help keep up the work we do here. Feeding the animals takes a lot of resources, so having a regular supply of food from the Co-operative, which would otherwise go to waste, is a huge help to us.”