Last mountain call for “Torridon Eoghain”

After 40 years of service to mountain rescue in Scotland, “Torridon Eoghain” has finally handed in his team radio.

Eoghain MacLean started his mountain rescue career with the Braemar team but for 25 years he has been a stalwart of the Torridon and Kinlochewe MRT. For most of that time he has been a committee member, including two spells as deputy leader, several years as treasurer and the final three years as team leader.

Eoghain was brought up in Kinlochewe, at the foot of Beinn Eighe, the site of Scotland’s first National Nature Reserve. For the past decade he has managed the Scottish Natural Heritage base at Anancaun, just outside Kinlochewe, with Beinn Eighe as one of his prime responsibilities.

His work and recreation have given him unique opportunities to study and photograph the wildlife of the West Highlands, particularly around Torridon and Loch Maree. With the help of his wife, Susan, he has developed a successful photographic business which he now hopes to have more time to pursue.

Eoghain would be the first to acknowledge another debt that he owes to his wife. In spite of many disturbed and anxious nights, Susan has been unstinting in her support of Eoghain’s mountain rescue work.

Although Eoghain is no longer involved in mountain rescue, his legacy remains. He has passed on his love of the hills to his youngest son, Ryan, who is one of the team’s most active members serving as a committee member and equipment officer.

“I followed Dad into the team when I was 16 and, in my time in the hills and MRT I could not have asked for a better man to follow and show me the way,” said Ryan. “Even though he is no longer in the team it’s an honour to know I am carrying his legacy through the hills of Torridon in the hills we both know and love so much.”