Harris boat lands huge fish after hour-long battle

A Harris-based boat had an unusual catch last week – two bluefin tuna.

The catch was landed by Angus Campbell of Kilda Cruises and two crewmen, who struggled for around an hour before bringing the huge fish aboard. The first bluefin, which Angus estimated weighed around 400lbs,  was released, but the second had swallowed fishing hooks too deeply and so was kept. It was weighed and measured and found to be over eight foot long, weighing 515lbs.

“We have been seeing tuna here for a year or so and so bought some gear, then had a spotting a fortnight ago so knew they were in the area,” Mr Campbell said. “Landing them was very hard work. We hooked the two at the same time and it was very hard going to deal with them – there were only three of us here as we were short of crew that day. It took us a good hour to land them.”

Mr Campbell, who operates tour boats out of Tarbert, is looking into developing recreational fishing trips which could extend his season by about 10 weeks, as well as providing extra business for accommodation providers. He said he was already receiving enquries and that tuna had continued to be seen over the weekend, adding: “It’s just a question of how long they stay here.”