‘Summer Queen’ rescues Loch Broom kayaker

An Ullapool-based cruise boat came to the aid of a kayaker who was caught out by the weather in Loch Broom this week.

On Tuesday fine forecasts encouraged keen kayaker Steve Mills of Laide to set off from Ullapool to Gruinard Bay but he found himself pinned in a bay and tiring as the wind picked up. He contacted Stornoway coastguard who in turn got in touch with the ‘Summer Queen’ which was returning from a morning cruise to the Summer Islands.

Following a brief search along the coast Mr Mills was located and taken aboard the ‘Summer Queen’ to be put ashore at Ullapool safe and well.

Noel Hawkins from the ‘Summer Queen’ said: “Luckily no harm was done but this incident proves the importance of accurate forecasting — something that has been raised as an issue on the west coast many times — and also the importance of a good local coastguard service, which sadly has been facing cutbacks in recent years also.”