Citylink defend Skye to Glasgow service

Scottish Citylink’s Skye-Glasgow route was yet again under the spotlight when breakdowns disrupted the service on two separate occasions last week.

Despite repeated promises to improve standards, one bus broke down just north of Fort William when travelling down to Glasgow on Monday 9th September. A replacement bus was dispatched to pick up passengers but that was delayed at Glencoe when an internal alarm went off. The bus arrived in Glasgow just over an hour late.

On Sunday 15th September the second bus was travelling from Glasgow to Skye when it broke down on Loch Lomondside. Passengers waited for almost an hour and a half before a replacement bus arrived.

A spokesperson for Citylink said: “We transport thousands of people every day to their destination on time. However,  there were two occasions last week when passengers travelling on our 915 service were delayed as a result of gear box problems with their vehicles. Passengers were collected by replacement bus services. We are sorry for the delays to these journeys and for any inconvenience this may have caused for our customers. We invest in new vehicles every year for our operations and we will continue to do so.”

Over the past two years Citylink have repeatedly said that the service is being improved and that new vehicles are being introduced. On several occasions vehicles have travelled without a toilet or a working heating/cooling system.